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Shelley Hawkins

Shelley Hawkins

Shelley Hawkins grew up in a creative environment at her parents’ sewing store. She credits her skills to the infinite inspiration she received while working as an associate editor in the book division of American Quilter's Society.

Books by Shelley Hawkins

Dixie Haywood

Dixie Haywood

Dixie Haywood resides in Pensacola, Florida. She has been quilting for more than 40 years. Dixie also teaches and judges throughout the country and has authored over 150 articles and five books (three with Jane Hall). Published works include: "Firm Foundations" and "Foundation Borders."

Books by Dixie Haywood

Ann Hazelwood

Ann Hazelwood

Ann Hazelwood is a former 30 yr. Quilt Shop owner from St. Charles, Missouri. She has written a series of Missouri travel books and small gift books for AQS, such as “100 Things You Need to Know if You Own a Quilt” and “100 Treats for Quilters.”
Ann is an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser and former President of the National Quilt Museum. She lectures on quilt related topics and has exhibited her red and white quilt collection in the National Quilt Museum. She is also the textile appraiser for the Antique Road Show, when in the St. Louis region.

When AQS started publishing fiction, Ann was the first to publish. Her Colebridge Series includes “The Basement Quilt,” “The Potting Shed Quilt,” “The Funeral Parlor Quilt,” “The Jane Austen Quilt Club,” “The Ghostly Quilts on Main, Quilted Lilies,” and “A Colebridge Quilted Christmas.” These titles are also available on e-book and audio.

Ann’s new fiction series takes place in the rolling hills of East Perry County, Missouri, her home town territory. “The Forgiving Quilt” is the first in the series and will make its debut in January of 2016.


Books by Ann Hazelwood

Margarete Heinisch

Margarete Heinisch

Vienna, the City of Music, is the place where I was born and grew up. From an early age on, I was groomed by my mother to become a seamstress. As fate might have it, or not, I became a porcelain painter instead. I enjoyed my work.

After I married and my husband and I had two children, I was the seamstress for my family and most of the clothes I made had my name tag on it. That made my mom happy again.

In 1971 our family moved from Austria to California. Life was good. Still is.

One day, a lucky day for certain, I saw 50 quilts in an exhibition.“The eighth wonder of this world” flashed through my mind while I stood there in admiration. I had never been exposed to quilts nor heard the word “quilt.”

Immediately fascinated by the splendor of those art pieces and their makers, I felt tempted to make a quilt for myself. A large Log Cabin was my choice. The pattern stayed in my head until I got home. A quick sketch was helpful with my attempt to sew this quilt for myself.

Eventually I found my way into the quilt world and I have been rocking and sewing ever since.

Books by Margarete Heinisch


Carl Hentsch

Carl Hentsch grew up on the east coast of Florida. He learned to embroider from his mother when he was 10. At the age of 12 he was designing dresses for his two-year old niece, and helping his mother make them. He also learned knitting from his aunt.

In 1999, Carl started quilting. He learned by watching Eleanor Burns, Alex Anderson, and Fons and Porter on TV. After a two-year lull, Carl moved to the Kansas City area and picked up his quilting in 2006. He has had original designs displayed in AQS shows in Knoxville and Des Moines, as well as a traveling quilt with the 2010 Hoffman Challenge. Carl teaches quilting at local quilt shops and has self-published two patterns, Leap Frog and Evergreen. He also had a pattern featured in Issue 10 of The Fat Quarterly.

Carl has degrees in biology, chemistry, accounting, and linguistics. He has traveled the US extensively and also the Orient. To support his quilting habit, he has a day job marketing computer software.


Books by Carl Hentsch

Dianne S. Hire

Dianne S. Hire

Dianne S. Hire is known for her outrageous quilts, chaos and mayhem in workshops, fun, informative lectures, bold designs, and daring color combinations. She loves to be introduced as having the coloring sense of a first grader.

Appliqué reveals another dimension of her creativity, one that pushes for gracefully elegant designs that may be used in many techniques.

With her quilts, with her workshops, and certainly with her books, she seeks to offer as many options as possible – to takedesigns to new platforms as interpreted by you. Always, it is about you and how you can take this information and use it for making, designing and finding joy with how your quilts may be more than you ever could imagine. Pushing her boundarie? There are none. And that is Rule #8.

Books by Dianne S. Hire


Pat Holly

Pat has been sewing almost her whole life, beginning with sewing clothes as a young girl. She is a graphic artist and attended the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. She also spends time volunteering for her daughter's theater endeavors, including costume work for local productions. Pat and her sister, Sue Nickels, enjoy working together on quilts as well as patterns and books. They live about a three-hour drive from each other and find creative ways to manage working together on projects. Sue travels extensively, teaching machine techniques, and Pat will join Sue occasionally, especially for international trips. This has been a wonderful working relationship. Pat and Sue work so well together because they both love the connection with quilters of the past and enjoy the technology of today.

Books by Pat Holly

Ann R. Holmes

Ann R. Holmes

Ann Holmes, stained glass artist and quilter, has been producing site-specific stained glass since 1976. Public glass commissions include several churches and the skylight in the Lyon business building in Batesville, Arkansas. In Asheville, North Carolina, she designed and built windows for the Asheville Area Arts Council and the Grove Park Inn. In 1999, Ann became involved with the Asheville Quilt Guild and had a desire to recreate some of her original glass designs into fabric without the lead line look of stained glass quilts.

Ann prefers the look of a turned edge, so she applied what she learned from hand appliqué to include the background where every patch or piece in her designs is built using a glue stick to turn the edges instead of using needle and thread. In the early stages of developing her technique, she would build a small section of the top and then take it to the sewing machine to stitch. In 2005, foot surgery forced her to think of a new method to finish her project to meet the deadline for the Asheville Quilt Show. She asked herself, “Why am I sewing this twice, once for stitching the top and a second time for quilting?” No Sewing Until You Quilt It, Ann’s turned under appliqué technique, was the result.

Books by Ann R. Holmes

Peggy Holt

Peggy Holt

Peggy has been quilting since the revival of the craft in the early 1970s. Her sewing career began at the age of nine with a project in 4-H—the common gathered apron. Although she dabbled in the usual crafts of the seventies and eighties, quilting continued to become more and more important. As other avenues of creative expression fell by the wayside, Peggy became a full-fledged quilter. Today Peggy’s quilts are more likely to have innovative techniques and include intricate piecing or experimental techniques. She loves pushing the envelope using unconventional materials such as metals, paints, plastics, and fibers. Peggy began her longarm custom quilting business in 1997 and is mostly self-taught. She teaches quilting classes and enjoys making presentations at local and regional guilds and other organizations. In 2003 Peggy was privileged to speak to a group of teachers in the Czech Republic. She also judges at local fairs and shows. Peggy’s quilts have received numerous awards including Best of Show. Her quilts have been juried into International Quilt Festival, Houston, and International Quilt Festival, Chicago. She has also had quilts displayed at MQX and Innovations, as well as at various local and regional shows.

Previous publications include an article for “Quilting Arts” magazine and inclusion in “Beautifully Embellished Landscapes” by Joyce Becker (C & T Publishing, 2001) and Renae Haddadin’s “Amazing Ways to Use Circles & Rays” (AQS, 2010). Peggy and her husband Bill live in a valley of the Rocky Mountains of western Montana where Peggy is active in guild, church, and community chorus activities. They have one son and two grandchildren. You can visit Peggy’s website at


Books by Peggy Holt

Barbara Holtzman

Barbara Holtzman

Barbara’s mother taught her to sew while she was in junior high and she used that skill to make clothes for a long time. Her first quilting project was a hand-pieced bed quilt that took over five years to complete. Then her attention became focused on small quilts, especially miniature quilts. Because she has a full-time job and enjoys sewing, the idea of making a small quilt appealed to her. She could actually finish that! Plus it’s fun to display the quilts on a wall and admire them (and have them admired!). As Barbara made more quilts, her attention was drawn to the competition side of quilting. Trying to make a quilt good enough to enter into competition helped her get better at piecing, quilting, and all aspects of making a quilt. The design element drew her in because it is another way to be creative. Barbara is able to pick a simple, easy quilt or a complicated design. It’s the whole process she enjoys––from picking out the fabric to putting on that last stitch in the binding.

Books by Barbara Holtzman

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