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AQ Magazine: Staff Biographies

Angela Henry, Managing Editor of AQ Magazine Angela Henry, Managing Editor of AQ Magazine

Angela has worked for AQS since 1997 and has been involved with just about every aspect of company operations, from designing show souvenirs to designing books and working on AQS catalogs. On occasion, she’s even served as a hand model for book and magazine photos. Now she designs American Quilter magazine and is involved in the production end of all AQS books. Although born in New Jersey, her family moved back to her mother’s home state when she was three years old, and she has lived in Kentucky ever since. She comes from a family of four sisters, all of whom are avid board game players. Angela’s creative energies manifest themselves in the kitchen. She’s a marvelous cook and baker—talents particularly appreciated by the AQS staff. Her little dog, Sasha, was one of a rescued litter of rat terrier/miniature Doberman puppies, and has been snuggled around Angela’s neck since she was just two pounds old.