The Quilt Life magazine cover

Ricky Tims & Alex Anderson, The Quilt Life. It's more than making quilts!

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Betty Cook said,
"I just received Ricky's new magazine, The Quilt Life. What a treat! It's going to be a good magazine. I have let most of my quilt mag subscriptions lapse this year because I wasn't finding anything interesting in them. Oh, maybe now and then there is something good, but it is rare. This new one is a good combination of interesting articles to read, good patterns, and of course beautiful quilts. And I loved the centerfold! Keep up the good work."

Tomme Fent said,
"I just received my first issue of 'The Quilt Life' this morning. I've paged through it and read a couple of articles and have to give it an unqualified 'Two Thumbs Up!' I'm delighted with everything from the quality of the paper on which it's printed to the glorious photography to the choice of subject matter. At a time when I've pared down my quilting magazine subscriptions dramatically, this one's a keeper!"

Lynn Gibney said,
"Congratulations on your premier issue of The Quilt Life…just received my copy yesterday. It has a really nice, high-end quality to it…love the matte paper stock and perfect binding. Thoroughly enjoyed the articles, too!"