Vintage Quilts Collecting, Dating, Preserving and Appraising ebook

  • By Bobbie Aug, Sharon Newman & Gerald Roy
  • Identifies hundreds of quilt patterns
  • Explains the appraisal for each style, pattern, and era of the 650 quilts shown
  • Offers closeup images of patterns and vintage fabric swatches for American quilts from the 1800s to the 1950s

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This is a comprehensive guide to collecting antique quilts for the novice as well as the sophisticated and experienced collector. Quilt historians and appraisers Sharon Newman, Bobbie Aug, and Gerald Roy, curator of the prestigious Pilgrim/Roy collection, wrote this guide.

Age, pattern, style, size, fabrics, colors, construction techniques, and the quiltmaker and place of origin when available, are used to identify over 600 quilts, quilt tops, and blocks. A specific value or range is given for each. Quilt tops and blocks were included because we have observed a recent passion for collecting these in addition to quilts. Hopefully, you will discover a broad assortment of quilts, tops, and blocks that cover a wide range of values. You should find quilts that you see every day as well as those that are extremely rare and expensive.

Information is presented about structuring a comprehensive quilt collection. Suggestions for storage, display, preservation, and conserva-tion are also included.


All three authors are nationally known quilt historians, lecturers, and teachers of workshops about quiltmaking and quilt history. They have been “engaged” in the quilt business for well over 60 cumulative years and have previously sold antique quilts in their own retail stores. Sharon, Bobbie, and Gerald have authored and co-authored more than a dozen books about quiltmaking. In addition to being certified quilt appraisers, they enjoy working as members of the American Quilter’s Society Quilt Appraiser Certification Committee, testing and certifying appraisers of quilted textiles. Their love of quilts brought them together.


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Author Bobbie Aug, Gerald E. Roy, Sharon Newman
ISBN 978-1-60460-836-6
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Publisher American Quilter's Society
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