25 Nine Patch Quilting Designs

25 Nine Patch Quilting Designs

Looking for quilting ideas? Here are 25 great ways to quilt a Nine Patch!

Use straight lines to create direction.

Create patterns with straight lines. Easy work for a walking foot.

When creating straight line patterns, no need to backtrack, create a continuous second line close the first.

This pattern offers a beautiful open flower, great for a larger motif fabric.

Curves and straight lines compliment each other.

Use quilting to draw the eye to the center of the block.

The open center is perfect for showcasing applique.

Float simple geometric shapes among lines.

Use quarter circles to create soft lines.

Use zigzag lines on connecting Nine Patch blocks.

Sometimes less is more.

The repeating square draws the eye inward.

Consider stars to liven up simple patchwork.

Echo simple straight line designs for emphasis.

Curved quilting softens the straight lines of piecing.

Repeat this pattern for a simple geometric design across the quilt.

Repeat this pattern for an all-over design.

Put shapes together to create interesting designs.

Add curved lines to a straight-line pattern.

Create a patchwork of repeated straight lines across the quilt.

Follow the ditch to minimize back tracking.

Create a larger pattern across several sections of a block to unify a design.

Use lines to connect shapes for a modern pattern.

Use squares to connect circles.

Go with a classic.