5 DIY Decorating Ideas with Sashiko

5 DIY Decorating Ideas with Sashiko


Sashiko literally translates to "little stabs." This decorative stitching technique started out in Japan as a reinforcement stitch. Today, you can see Sashiko stitching decorating quilts, garments, and all sorts of beautiful home decor items. This easy-to-master embroidery technique works up quickly and is great for adding creative embellishment to ready made items. Perfect for the upcoming gift giving season!


  • Stitch an over-all design on a solid fabric pre-made pillow.
  • Echo a Sashiko motif in the center of a pillow with different colored embroidery threads.
  • Use a variegated embroidery floss to stitch out an all-over design on a pillow.


  • As you learn new patterns, stitch a sample on the same fabric. When your collection of patterns is big enough, frame it.
  • Make a Sashiko pattern on fabric, then stretch the piece over a canvas and secure on the back.


  • Create a collection of embellished quilted strips with a variety of Sashiko patterns. Sew tassels on one ends and hang them in a collection on a wall varying the heights.


  • Add Sashiko stitching to hand towels for the bathroom.
  • Use Sashiko stitching to make decorative bands on the ends of kitchen towels.
  • Decorate a towel to use as a bread cloth with a Sashiko pattern all over.


  • Add a band of Sashiko stitching around a pre-purchased tablecloth.
  • On a tablecloth with large motifs, fill spaces with various Sashiko stitches.

Learn more about Sashiko with Carol Ziogas in her online iquilt class, Sashiko Basics