Acorn Toss Table Runner from Janome

Acorn Toss Table Runner by Janome

Acorn Runner Topper

With fall upon us, changing out holiday décor can become a frenzy.  With this versatile and cute table runner pattern, you can set your table and leave it for an entire season!  Whip up this sweet foundation pieced table runner with your Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP and a few simple supplies.  Foundation paper piecing with your 9400 offers a great way for precise piecing with ease!

Skill Level: Intermediate, with basic familiarity with foundation paper piecing

Sewing Time: 6-8 hours

Finished Size: approximately 14” x 62”


Janome Supplies Required:


Standard Foot A

1/4” Foot O

Blue Tip Needle (Brand new needle-sewing through paper dulls needles faster)

Pre-wound bobbin

Empty Bobbin


Fabrics/Notions required:

The completed blocks finish at 12” and the table runner has a 1” border

Acorn template printed at 100% and assembled with tape (Print 5 complete templates)

1/3 yd. Medium Brown fabric for the acorn top (Fabric A) sub cut into:

(5) 5” x 4” (A1 on the paper piecing templates)

(10) 4” x 3” (A2 and A4 on the paper piecing templates)

(20) 1.5” x 2” (C2, D2, E2, F2 on the paper piecing templates)

2 yds. Dark Brown fabric (Fabric B) sub cut into:

(5) 2” x 2.5” (B2 on the paper piecing templates)

(2)1.5” x 60.5” (long border)

(2) 1.5” x 14.5” (short border)

(1) 14.5” x 62.5” (back of table runner)

1/2 yd. Orange fabric (Fabric C) sub cut into:

(5) 9” x 8” (A6 on the paper piecing templates)

1-1/2 yds. Light Beige fabric (Fabric D)

(10) 6.5” x 2.5” (B1 and B3 on the paper piecing templates)

(10) 2.5” x 2” (C1 and D1 on the paper piecing templates)

(10) 3” x 8.5” (C3 and D3 on the paper piecing templates)

(10) 3” x 3” (E1 and F1)

(10) 2” x 3” (A3 and A5)

(5) 4” x 5” (A7)

(5) 4” x 6” (A8)

4 yds Pellon SF101 fusible interfacing sub cut into:

(2) 14.5” x 62.5”

Coordinating sewing thread

Contrasting sewing thread for topstitching


Student Supplies Required:

Newsprint paper or regular printer paper to print acorn templates

Click here to download the 12 inch acorn block pdf

Add-A-Quarter Ruler

Glue stick

Elmer’s school glue

Purple Daisy’s Fine tip glue applicator

Marking pen

Light box (or window or other light source)

Iron and Pressing mat

Rotary cutter/ruler/mat

Binding clips



Click here to download the pattern.