Bad Apples or Good Apples?

Bad Apples or Good Apples?

Bad Apples Quilt

Bad Apples

designed by Brittany Borden

60" x 70"

Fabric Requirements:

Background - 3 1/2 yards
Red Apples - 1 yard
Green Apples - 1 yard
Cores - 1/4 yard
Leaves - Scrap of green
Stems - Scrap of brown
Faces - Scrap of black
Binding - 2/3 yard
Backing - 3 2/3 yards

Fusible web - 2 1/2 yards

Download the fuse applique patterns here.

Cutting Instructions:

Cut each of the following:
6 red apples
2 red cores
6 green apples
2 green cores
4 white cores
16 stems
8 leaves
8 eyes
8 nostrils
28 teeth

Assembly Instructions:

Prepare the Background Fabric

Remove the selvages from the background fabric and press.

Cut the length in half. Sew the two halves together side-by-side so the width of fabric is doubled.

Fold in half to find the horizontal center. Press the center line as a guide.

Prepare Appliques

Trace the appliques onto the paper side of the fusible applique. Cut out the shapes outside of the lines leaving at least a 1/4" of space.

Press to the backside of the designated fabrics.

Cut out the shapes on the drawn lines and peel away the paper.

Prepare the Apples

Using a pressing sheet, layer the stem and leaf (for red apples only) with the top of the apples and press. Let cool and remove from pressing sheet. Repeat for all the apples.

Make 6 red apples and 6 green apples.

Prepare the Cores

Using a pressing sheet, layer the top and bottom colored skins with the white apple core pieces. Use the placement diagram in the pattern file as a guide for placing the face pieces if desired. Let cool and remove from pressing sheet. Repeat for all the cores.

Make 2 red cores and 2 green cores.


Using the quilt image above as a guide, layout the apples and cores in rows on the backing.

Each row has approximately 5 1/2" between them and each apple is approximately 2 1/2" apart.

Once you everything arranged, press in place. You made need to pin the pieces to hold them if you don't have a large flat pressing area.

Sew all the appliques in place using a straight stitch along the edge, or layer the top with the batting and backing and quilt the appliques with the top stitching.

Finish quilting and bind.

Good Apples....

Good Apples Quilt