Blooming Baskets

Blooming Baskets

Blooming Baskets

95″ x 95″

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Alternate Colorways & Settings

Changing the value in the quilt is one easy way to make the baskets pop. Choose a dark fabric for the backgrounds and bright fabrics for the baskets and blooms.

Blooming Baskets Recolor

Try arranging the blocks in different layouts. This layout creates symmetrical balance throughout the quilt.

Blooming Baskets 2

The exact same symmetrical layout with a contrast between the basket and the blooms makes the pattern stand out even more.

Blooming Baskets Quilt 3

Arrange the blocks in groups of four. With all baskets pointing inwards in sets of four, rectangles of background space create interesting areas for the eye to rest throughout the quilt, while triangles keep the eye moving.

Blooming Basket Quilt 4

Almost the exact same concept, except that alternating sets of four have the baskets pointing out. Now the diagonal lines of the baskets move the eye around while the squares in the sashing give the eyes points of focus to rest.

Blooming Baskets Quilt 5

Here the baskets spin in sets of four, which moves the eyes in tight circles, but when viewed as a whole creates almost a weaving effect.

Blooming Baskets

Simply playing with the block arrangement produces completely different effects with the quilt. So play around and share your Blooming Baskets quilt.

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