Change it up with EQ8!

Change it up with EQ8!

At first glance, would you think these two quilts are the same pattern?

They are the same pattern. It’s Blue Lagoon by Linda Hahn and Deborah Stanely (featured in the March issue of AQ magazine!). We just changed it up using different fabrics and placed them in different patches!


That’s the magic of color! You can achieve entirely new looks by simply adjusting your fabric placement or fabric colors!

Here’s another example…

Believe it or not, each of these quilts uses the same pattern and fabrics! We just changed it up! The block, Faceted Star, is simply repeated 9 times, but colored differently in each quilt.

Feel free to print this page and color the patches yourself to see what you come up with! Or do it faster with Electric Quilt 8! That’s how all the images above were generated. In a few clicks of the mouse, you can see your quilt come to life in endless colorways!


Electric Quilt 8

Use Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) design software to see your finished quilt before cutting any fabric! For over 30 years, Electric Quilt has been the leading quilt-design software in the industry with the most user-friendly, powerful tools and top-notch customer service. Join thousands of quilters worldwide who are turning their ideas into reality with this program!

EQ8 has tools to make coloring fast! You can swap all colors in just one click or change them one patch at a time. YOU are in control!


EQ8 comes with 6,000+ copyright-free blocks ready for you to set into a quilt layout. You can edit the blocks or draw your own from scratch! Applique, pieced, paper pieced, whatever style you prefer!

EQ8 also has 6,000+ manufacturer fabrics pre-loaded! You can download new collections from or import your own fabrics! Use the Randomize tool to have EQ choose colors for you—this is sure to spark some inspiration!

Don’t forget: EQ8 calculates your fabric yardage so you know just how much material you’ll need!

Plus, you can print rotary-cutting charts, templates, or foundation paper piecing patterns for anything you create!

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This barely scratches the surface of what you can do with Electric Quilt design software. Want to know more about EQ8? Contact Electric Quilt or Watch a Demo

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