Crafting Beautiful Quilted Bags: Three Exciting Projects with New AccuQuilt® Products

Crafting Beautiful Quilted Bags

There's nothing more satisfying than embarking on a new creative journey. Handmade bags not only serve practical purposes but also provide a canvas for your sewing and quilting skills. In this article, we'll explore three exciting bag-making projects that will not only add a touch of elegance to your style but also make perfect gifts for loved ones. The exciting part is that all the products featured are brand new to AccuQuilt!


 Project 1: Simple Zipper Bags


Our first project, the GO!® Simple Zipper Bags by Carolina Moore, is an excellent introduction to the world of bag-making. It's an ideal choice for when you want to create quick and charming bags with a touch of your quilting magic. Click here for the pattern. 

Imagine crafting these zipper bags with your favorite scraps. They're perfect for holding makeup, sewing supplies, or even small toiletries. The versatility of these bags makes them excellent gifts for friends and family, too. How about gifting a personalized makeup pouch to a friend, made with their favorite fabric or color - it's a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture.

Simple Zipper Bags

To guide you through the process, Carolina Moore has created a wonderful video tutorial that you can watch. Her clear and concise instructions, combined with this new set of AccuQuilt GO! dies, make this project not only fun but also a breeze to complete.

The GO!® Boxed Bag 2-Die Set by Carolina Moore (55529) is one of the latest offerings from AccuQuilt. This die set allows you to cut boxed and rounded corners and darts for the bag's bottom. The result is a beautifully structured bag with clean lines and a professional finish, made even more convenient with these new dies. Find the die set here. 


To learn more about the GO! Boxed Bag 2-Die Set by Carolina Moore, and why it's a perfect addition to your die library, especially if you enjoy making bags, check out Ms. Moore's detailed explanation in this video. Her insights will give you a deeper understanding of the versatility and creative possibilities this die set offers.

 Project 2: Alexandra Tote Bag


For a more substantial project that showcases your quilting prowess, the June Tailor® Quilt As You Go Alexandra Tote Bag (JT-1477) is a fantastic choice. This tote bag is not just a fashion statement, it's a canvas for creativity for quilters and crafters of all skill levels.



The June Tailor Quilt As You Go kits are another new addition to the AccuQuilt product lineup. It simplifies the process, making it perfect for quilters and sewists of all levels. The pre-printed pattern and sew-by-number construction ensure that every piece of fabric is expertly placed. The video below shows the step-by-step introduction to the Quilt As You Go concept and showcases just how easy projects come together!

As you assemble the Alexandra Tote Bag, you'll be mesmerized by the patchwork-style design, created using 2 1/2" fabric strips. These strips allow you to showcase your favorite fabrics, making the tote bag uniquely yours with additional quilting. Imagine carrying your quilting supplies or everyday essentials in a bag you designed yourself. It's a fashion statement and a conversation piece all in one.

The GO! Me® Fabric Cutter Starter Set (55610) and the GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2" (2" Finished) (55014) are indispensable tools for cutting fabric with precision and ease. They make creating this tote bag a breeze, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of the project.


Project 3: Insulated Shopper Tote 


The June Tailor® Quilt As You Go Insulated Shopper Tote Kit (JT-1498) is your all-in-one solution for keeping items at the perfect temperature on the go. This kit includes a pattern printed on thermal batting, webbing for handles, and a sturdy plastic interior base. The result is an extra-large insulated tote (13"W x 15"H x 10"D), ideal for preserving the warmth of hot items or the coolness of chilled goods. It's perfect for grocery shopping and keeping takeout meals at the right temperature. Plus, it's easy to maintain – simply toss it in the washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle. Make the most of your scrap fabrics with this eco-friendly and versatile tote bag kit, combining style and practicality in one. Find the kit here



To ensure precise cutting for your Insulated Shopper Tote Bag, use the June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler™ (JT-796). This ruler provides you with cutting slots in 1/2" increments and is perfect for cutting multiple strips at a time. It can also cut squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, bias, and fringe in any increment of ½” and features teardrop holes for inserting your rotary cutter. The Shape Cut™ ruler can be found here.

There's nothing more satisfying than embarking on a new creative journey. Handmade bags not only serve practical purposes but also provide a canvas for your imagination and skills. In this blog post, we've explored three exciting bag-making projects that make use of brand new AccuQuilt products. Now, let's delve into the exciting world of fabrics and materials that can add a unique twist to your bag-making projects, beyond traditional quilting cotton.


Beyond Quilting Cotton: Exploring Fabrics and Materials

While quilting cotton is a fantastic choice for many bag-making projects, there's a world of other materials waiting for you to explore. Here are some creative options that can bring a different dimension to your bags:


1. Quilting Cotton with Fusible Fleece

Fusible fleece adds a layer of padding and structure to your bags, making them sturdier and more substantial. It's especially great for tote bags and larger carry-alls. Combine this with your favorite quilting cotton for a soft and quilted look with extra body.


2. Foam Interfacing

Foam interfacing is ideal for those who want to create bags with a more structured, modern appearance. It provides excellent cushioning and shape, making it perfect for laptop bags, backpacks, and other structured designs.


3. Specialty Materials

Vinyl and Jelly Vinyl: This clear or translucent, flexible material can be used both inside and outside your bags. Create stylish stadium bags, clear pouches, or even transparent pockets for your bags. The possibilities are endless!


Fabric-Backed Cork: Cork fabric adds a touch of nature and texture to your bags. It's not only stylish but also durable and sustainable. It's a wonderful choice for bag accents and handles, adding a unique touch to your creations.


Leather: Leather is a classic material for crafting stylish and durable bags. Whether it's a chic clutch or a rugged backpack, leather can lend a timeless and sophisticated look to your projects.


Denim and Canvas: These sturdy fabrics are perfect for making rugged and durable bags, ideal for everyday use. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to create bags with a more casual and relaxed feel.


Bag Hardware and Zippers

AccuQuilt now offers a wide selection of bag hardware and zippers from June Tailor and Sallie Tomato. These accessories provide the perfect finishing touches to your bag creations. From zippers to snaps, handles to clasps, you'll find an array of options to customize your bags exactly the way you want. 


Check out the variety of new fabrics and accessories.


With these diverse materials and hardware options at your disposal, your bag-making projects can take on a whole new level of creativity and functionality. Whether you're crafting an elegant evening clutch, a rugged backpack, or a clear stadium bag for your next event, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with different materials and hardware to create bags that suit your unique style and needs.

So, gather your chosen fabrics, explore new materials, and select the perfect hardware. Your bag-making journey is about to become even more exciting, thanks to the innovative products and materials available through AccuQuilt. Happy quilting and happy bag making!