Darlene & Teresa's EPP Sunbeam Block

Darlene & Teresa's EPP Sunbeam Block

Whether you call it the Squared Star, Whippoorwill, or Sunbeam, this cheery design will have you smiling while you stitch. Make this classic block using English Paper Piecing with Darlene Beltman and Teresa Justice from their book, An English Paper-Pieced Sampler.

Block Diagram & Cutting Instructions

Paper Foundations – 4 each of units A, B, C, D – Template #7
1 center square – Template #12

Download the templates here.

Cut the following fabric:
Center – Cut (1) 2½” square
A – Cut (1) 3½” x 10″ strip
B – Cut (1) 4½” x 8½” strip
C – Cut (1) 4½” x 8½” strip (same fabric as A)
D – Cut (1) 3½” x 10″ (same fabric as B)

Wedges A, B, C, and D will be placed evenly along the strip, allowing ¾” between each wedge as illustrated in Example 1. You may then easily cut out the units with a rotary cutter, allowing ⅜” for folding over.

Step 1

Attaching fabric to the paper templates

•    Place paper patterns evenly across strip as noted
on the diagram instructions, leaving at least ¾”
between each wedge. The short end of the wedge
should be on the straight of grain.

•    Pin fabric to foundation paper, trimming wedge
to within ⅜” of paper edge.

•    On A and D, cut off the sharp points on the
corners to reduce bulk.

•    Baste fabric to paper, tacking corners through
fabric only, and taking long basting stitches
through the fabric and paper in the middle of
each side.

Step 2

Sewing the units together

•    Sew together A-B-C-D, do not remove any
papers. Complete four (4) A-B-C-D units.

•      Mark the center square with registration points
at the center point (1¼” from side) and then at
½” on either side of center.

•    Sew each A-B-C-D unit to the center, matching
seams to the registration points. Remove paper
from the center.

•    Sew side seams in each corner, press block to set
folds on outer edge and remove all papers.

•    Appliqué block to a 13″ square of background