Dot to Dot Quilt

Dot to Dot Quilt

Dot to Dot image

Dot to Dot

30" x 30"

Experiment with color and create your own design. Play with palettes, complementary colors, analogous colors, wherever your mood takes you. Print out the pattern, grab your markers and play!

Fabric Requirements:

Background Fabric - 1 yard

Circles - 5" scraps

Backing - 1 yard

Binding - 1/4 yard

Embroidery floss

Bigger Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley

Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley


Download and print the Dot to Dot Quilt placement diagram here.

This is an oversized PDF. When printing, select Poster. Make sure the Cut Marks box is checked and set the Overlap. I like a 1" overlap.

To use as a coloring page, print to one page.


Assembly Instructions:

Select the Mylar circle sizes from Karen Kay Buckley's circle sets. If you don't like a size used in the pattern, change it for the size you want.

Using your fabric scraps, prepare the circles.

Use the pattern for placement or use the diagram below as a guide and stitch your applique circles in place.

Embellishment Instructions:

Using 2-3 strands of embroidery floss, Big Stitch around the circles varying the distance from one to another by 1/2" to 2".


The solid line is Back Stitched.

Once the embroidery is finished, layer the quilt top with the batting and backing.

Quilt or tack as desired and bind.