Embroidery with Quilting - The Quilter's Perspective

Embroidery with Quilting - The Quilter's Perspective

We asked you about using embroidery with quilting. Learn what quilters like you had to say...

Hand or Machine

Of the near 400 quilters responding, 84% said they hand embroider and 47% said they machine embroider. Only 3% of the quilters surveyed said they didn't embroider.

Embroidery Motifs

The most popular motif to embroider is floral with 75% of quilters surveyed noting it as their favorite. Here they are in order:

  1. Floral
  2. Words
  3. Animals
  4. Geometric

Embroidery Projects

It's no wonder quilt blocks are quilter's favorite embroidery project. Here are a few of the other top-placing projects for embroidery:

  1. Quilt Blocks
  2. Quilt Top Embellishment, particularly applique quilts
  3. Pictures
  4. Quilt Labels


Curious about quilter's go-to embroidery stitches? Here are to most popular stitches ranked in order:

  1. Stem Stitch
  2. French Knot
  3. Blanket Stitch
  4. Daisy Stitch
  5. Back Stitch