Freedom Eagle

Freedom Eagle

Celebrate freedom with this patriotic bald eagle. Create a wallhanging, pillow, or table topper.

Download the instructions.

Download the pattern.

Special Printing Instructions: Be sure to print from the Acrobat Reader. Select Poster and check Cut Marks.

40" x 22"

Fabric Requirements:

Red - 1/2 yard
White - 2/3 yard
Blue - 1/4 yard
Gold - 1/8 yard
Black - scraps
Background - 2/3 yard
Binding - 1/3 yard
Backing - 2/3 yard

Cutting Instructions:

  • Print and assemble the pattern.
  • Trace the inverse of each pattern piece on freezer paper or a fusible making sure to add a little extra for overlapping areas.
  • Press the freezer paper or fusible to the back of the fabric.
  • Cut out the pieces.
  • Do not cut the background fabric to size until finished.


Trace the full size eagle on clear plastic to make a layout guide.

Using the layout guide, position the pieces on the background fabric and press in place making sure to end with the overlapping pieces.

  • First layer: Red and White Feathers
  • Second layer: Blue Wings
  • Third layer: Blue Body
  • Fourth layer: Gold Feet and Beak
  • Fifth layer: White head
  • Sixth layer: Eye (gold then black)
  • Embroidery: Beak, Eye, Feet, Head, Feather details

Trim the background fabric to 40" x 22" or desired size.

Quilt and bind.