Frequency by Stacey Day

Frequency by Stacey Day

AQ magazine featured Frequency, a large scale “improv with intent” modern quilt designed by Stacey Day, in the March 2016 issue.

The 68" x 88" quilt can be sewn together quickly and is suitable for all experience levels. The layout is very flexible; no two quilts will look the same!

Stacey chose a selection of rainbow color prints from her stash to make the Frequency quilt as shown here. Her theme can be replaced with any favorite collection of prints, or try a group of solids ranging from light to dark. Anything goes!

Click HERE for your free pattern, Frequency by Stacey Day.

Editor’s note: “improv with intent” is a popular concept in which the quilter works toward a specific goal, improvising as she/he goes.