Head Rest Pillow

Head Rest Pillow

This pillow is a good size for traveling or for catching a nap on the sofa. It fits perfectly across one end of a carry-on bag, or add a strap to attach it to the handle of your suitcase.

Head Rest Dog Bone Pillow Instructions

By Bonnie Browning



3 fat quarters (18” x 22”) of fabric in matching or different fabrics.
You can make two pillows from three fat quarters of fabric.
Polyester fiber filling to stuff the pillow (I use Cluster Stuff by Morning Glory.
It does not clump or bunch and can be machine washed and dried.)

Pattern: Print the two pages of the pattern and tape the two pieces together. Mark the slit in the center of the fat end. This is the key to assembling the pillow.

Download the pattern here.


Place the pattern on the folded fabric.
Cut three of the dog bone shape.
Mark with a marking pencil or just cut a small slit on the marked line at the fat ends of the pillow.


Use 3/8” seam allowance to sew the pieces together.
Pin two of the pieces, right sides together, matching the cut slits in each end.

Use a 3/8” seam allowance to sew these two pieces together, starting at the slit on one end and ending at the slit on the opposite end – backstitch at the start and stop.


Take the third dog bone piece and match the slits on one of the pieces you have already sewn, with right sides together.
Pin the pieces together, being careful to pin at exactly the slit at each end.
Sew again from one slit to the slit on the opposite end of the pillow.

Match the slits again to sew the final seam.
Leave an unsewn space at least 4 inches wide to insert the filling.
If you want to add a strap, add it at one end (away from the center) so you can easily sew it into a seam. You might want to double stitch the area where you add the strap. Turn the pillow right side out.


I always take a needle and thread to secure the ends of the pillow. If you wash and dry the pillow, the ends may open slightly so these extra hand stitches help to secure the joints where the three pieces come together.


Stuff the pillow:

Fill the pillow with polyester fiber as much as you want. Turn under the opening and hand stitch it closed. Be sure to take small stitches when you stitch the opening so it is tight and secure.

Enjoy your pillow. I never leave home without it!