Heart Bloom Block - Free English Paper Piecing Pattern

Heart Bloom Block - Free English Paper Piecing Pattern

Make a Heart Bloom block this Valentine's Day using English Paper Piecing. Turn it into a gift for your sweetheart or make one for yourself. You're pretty sweet, after all.

Print the pattern out on card stock and trim on the lines to make the EPP templates.

Click Here to download the Heart Bloom EPP templates!

To brush up on your EPP basics, click here.


Whether you're thread or glue basting, a few folds and you'll be ready to go!

Place the paper template over the wrong side of the fabric.

Prepare the point.

Fold the point up.

Next, fold up one long side.

Then fold the other long side.

Next, fold up a short side.

Then the other short side.

Finally, fold the top side.

Block Construction

Baste all the block pieces, then sew together using your preferred EPP stitch. 

To use the Heart Bloom block like an applique as shown in the picture of the pillow, simply press once assembled to crease the edges, then remove the paper and stitch to a background fabric.

You can even make multiple blocks and sew them together into a larger piece. There are no limits to what you can create with these Heart Bloom blocks.

Pillow Construction

Applique the Heart bloom block to a square of fabric for the front. Cut another square of fabric the same size as the front square. Lay two squares right sides together and pin. Sew a 1/2″ seam around the outer edges, leaving a 3-4” opening in the bottom.

Turn right sides out and stuff the pillow. Ladder stitch the opening in the bottom closed to complete the pillow.

When stitching the bottom closed, try using a wonder clip to hold the opening closed to free up your hands for sewing!