Heart Tree with Liz Jones

Heart Tree with Liz Jones

Heart-shaped flowers are abloom throughout this fabulously intricate and appealing applique tree! From Liz Jones’ book, Flowers, Hearts & Garlands, comes a beautiful expression of appliqué love. Imagine the colorways that will make this Heart Tree come alive!

Click here to download the pattern.

Basting and Appliquéing 

Set the sewing machine up for freemotion quilting with the feed dogs dropped and use a quilting foot.

Trace the Heart Tree pattern onto a piece of paper stabilizer or the backside of the background fabric.

Always baste 1/8" to 1/4" into the overlapping area if the piece you are sewing is behind another shape. Mark these overlapping sewing lines on the pattern if needed.

Pin the tree fabric to the background fabric with right sides of both fabrics facing up. Be sure the fabric to be appliqued is large enough to cover all the areas to be sewn.

Baste around the edges of the tree from the backside of the background fabric following the pattern outline.

When all of the edges of the tree are outlined, turn the piece over and trim about 1/16" from the outside of the stitching.

Lay the heart fabric over basted tree, again with right sides of all fabrics facing up, and secure it to the background fabric with pins.

From the backside, baste along the outline of the leaves.

When basting is complete, turn and trim.

From the front side of the piece, satin or zigzag stitch the appliques in place.