Hobbies Quilters Love!

Hobbies Quilters Love!

We asked quilters about their favorite hobbies, other than quilting of course. Learn what nearly a thousand quilters had to say.

Other than quilting, what are quilter's favorite hobbies?

#1 Reading

#2 Gardening

#3 Cooking

#4 Travel

#5 Knitting

How much time do quilters spend on other hobbies?

The majority of quilters spend three to five hours a week and up to dedicated time every day to their favorite non-quilting activities.

Are Quilters looking for new hobbies?

No, not really. Most seem to prefer their favorites and are too busy to pick up something new.  However, 30% of responding quilters are in for the adventure of something new!

Alone or with Friends?

Nearly half said some hobbies they do on their own, and for others they prefer some company. Family and friends were the popular choices for companions, along with virtual online groups.

Hobby Inspiration

Here are a few of the thoughts shared about how hobbies bring us inspiration...

Keeps my hands and mind busy.

Broadens my perspective on the joys of living.

Creative outlets reduce stress.

Best part of my day!

They feed my soul.

I become aware of the beauty of different things.

They relax me.

I enjoy the creative process in all I see and do.

Keeps my mind active and my body healthier.

Through other creative endeavors, I gain more inspiration.

They make me feel productive!

It's a joy to share my handwork with others.

Just the fact that I stay busy keeps me looking forward to my next project.

The colors, the combinations, the way I feel when doing other hobbies always brings me back to my sewing room!

They make me feel accomplished.

They calm me.

All of them spur different types of creativity.

They are a different context within my life.

They keep me engaged.

They open my creativity.

Bring me joy.


Brings peace.

Being active in body and mind.

Self satisfaction.

I need to be busy, keeps life interesting.

They help me relax and escape.

Challenge me to try something different.

I feel very creative and a great feeling of accomplishment.

Keeps my mind active and figuring out problems.

Freedom to relax and let my mind wander.