How to Make a Broderie Perse Collage

How to Make a Broderie Perse Collage

Fun fabric, a pair of scissor, and some fusible adhesive are all you need to have Broderie Perse FUN!

Step One

Dive into your stash and grab your favorite fabrics with a figure. Whether it's flowers, giraffes, sewing machines, or dinosaurs, put them in a pile and start sorting. 

Step Two

Start putting fabrics together that tell a story. May be the giraffes want to go butterfly hunting on the moon? Pair up your fabrics until you find the perfect combination.

Step Three

Iron the fusible adhesive to the back of the selected fabrics and cut out the figures.

Step Four

Audition the cut out figures on different background fabrics.

Step Five

Play with the layout and get everything where you want it, then fuse into place.

Step Six

Sew down applique edges and add any embellishments you want. Finish your piece as a quilt block, pillow, or even a tote!