Jungle Fever Half Square Frenzy Quilt

Jungle Fever Half Square Frenzy Quilt

Jungle Fever Quilt

Jungle Fever Half Square Frenzy

54" x 54"

Skill Level: Beginner Friendly

Fabric Requirements

1 Jungle Cruise 10" x 10" Stack

Half Square Triangle Assembly

Sort the squares into same colored fabrics. Match up into groups of two sets of squares with contrasting values. (The two lightest value squares were not used in this quilt.) Each set makes four identical Half Square Triangles.

Mark a diagonal line from one corner to the other on the backs of two of the squares from each set. This will be the cutting line after sewing. Don't sew on this line.

HST Marked

Layer each marked square with its contrasting value partner and sew a 1/4" on each side of the marked line.

HST Sewing

Cut the on marked line.


Open the blocks and press the seam allowances towards the lighter value.

Jungle Fever Block

Repeat for all the sets. Make 36 blocks.

Quilt Assembly

Lay the blocks into rows, two rows at a time so the same colored Half Square Triangles stay in sets of two. Decide where you want the sets of blocks to go. Use the design shown below of a zig zag on top and bottom with on-point squares along the middle, or turn the blocks to create your own design.

Jungle Fever Quilt Small Image

Sew six blocks together to make a row. Make six rows, pressing the seams in opposite directions for each row. Sew the rows together to complete the quilt top.

Layer with batting and backing fabric. Quilt as desired and bind.