Lara Buccella's Cupcakes & Candies

Lara Buccella's Cupcakes & Candies

It's time for a fun project...Cupcakes and Candies time! We've been playing in the Crafted Applique world of Lara Buccella and were inspired to create this fun clock project. Let Cupcakes and Candies inspire you too!

Cupcakes and candies by Lara Buccella

Supplies needed:

Cardboard or foam core for clock back (whatever size you want)

Clock works

Fabric larger than the board to cover clock background

Scraps of fabrics for cupcakes and candies


Putting it all together:

Click here to download the candies pattern.

Click here to download the cupcakes pattern.


Prepare the cupcakes and candies for applique.

Mark the center of the clock background fabric and snip a hole in the center.

Lay the hands of the clock over the center hole to use as a guide for placement. Place the cupcakes at the 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 positions. Place the candies between the cupcakes.

Press the appliques in place.

Measure the background board and make a hole in the center.

Position the background fabric over the background board aligning the center holes. Wrap the edges of the background fabric over the board and pin in place.

Glue or tape the background fabric in place along the backside of the board.

Attach the clock works following the manufacturer instructions.

Attach the hanger and enjoy cupcake and candy time!