Magic Trick For Joining the Ends of Binding

Magic Trick For Joining the Ends of Binding

Have you ever sewn your binding all the way around your quilt, then get to the spot where the beginning and ending strips meet and think, "Now how does this go again?" You start flipping and fidgeting, sew it on wrong twice, and finally give up until help arrives? Well, help is here! Learn unforgettable tips for joining the ends of binding on your quilts.

Bonnie shows you exactly how to join the ends of your binding with visual prompts to make it easy to remember.

She says...

The key is to fold the triangle away from you - the fold should be closest to your body. Pin along the fold line, which is your seam line, to double check the binding. Sew on the fold line. Press seam open to reduce bulk, and trim seam to 1/4". Refold binding and stitch to the edge of your quilt. Viola! it fits perfectly!

Take a look...

Want more finishing help? Learn with Bonnie in her iquilt class: Borders & Finishing Touches.

Bonnie teaches all the finishing steps from borders to blocking in one class.

Her seven lessons include:

  • Getting Started
  • Border Basics
  • Borders: Miters & Piped
  • Sharks' Teeth & Prairie Points
  • Mitered Binding Primer
  • Blocking
  • The Perfect Sleeve

Master mitered borders and add piping as Bonnie leads you along the way. Shark’s teeth and prairie points add interest to quilts, and you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to make. Learn how to construct a mitered binding from a bias strip and how to make a two-sided binding. A pattern is provided for a small wallhanging so you can practice right along with Bonnie as she shows you how to finish your quilts with flair!