Meet Deb Canham: Sewing, Serging, and Spreading Confidence with Fabrics

Meet Deb Canham: Sewing, Serging, and Spreading Confidence with Fabrics

Deb Canham, AQS QuiltWeek Instructor

Sewing needles humming, fabric unfurling, and creativity soaring - that's the world of Deb Canham. She's more than a sewing enthusiast; she's a designer, garment maker, quilter, and a true fabric sorceress. With a wealth of experience and a passion for igniting creativity, Deb is here to inspire and guide you through the delightful realm of quilting and serging.


Deb's journey with sewing began when she was just a young dreamer. It quickly became her cherished creative outlet. With each stitch, she discovered a world of endless possibilities, and she's been creating with fabric ever since.

Wonderful Zippered Bag on the Serger, #19541Wonderful Zippered Bag on the Serger, #19541


Deb's sewing prowess extends far and wide. She's not just a seamstress; she's a designer who's breathed life into countless garments and quilts. For two decades, she ventured to factories in China, teaching and sharing her vast knowledge. But as the long flights lost their luster, Deb returned to her first love - teaching sewing.

Create a Robe on the Serger, #19140w

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2024
#19140w - Create a Robe on the Serger


It was her fascination with sergers that truly set her on a new creative path. Sergers, with their unique abilities, opened the doors to a world of innovation. The freedom to use heavier decorative threads with a serger sparked a surge of fresh design ideas. Deb began crafting captivating projects on her serger, pushing the boundaries of what could be created. The decorative side of serging kept her engrossed, and the professional finish, combined with an array of fantastic attachments, kept her striving for perfection.


For Deb, sewing is more than just a skill; it's about confidence. She firmly believes that no one should feel limited by their abilities. While she teaches, her primary aim is to inspire. She wants to inspire people to dive into the world of sewing and get the most out of their machines. Her mantra is simple - believe you can, and you're halfway there.


Deb is more than a passionate creator; she's a designer with a heart set on helping others unlock the fun in sewing machines and sergers. She designs an array of delightful projects that allow quilters to explore their creativity to the fullest. Her innovative designs make the quilting journey a thrilling adventure.

I do teach but more than anything I hope I inspire people to have a go and get the most from their machines.

Making a Flap Bag on the Serger, #19542

AQS QuiltWeek – Daytona Beach 2024
#19542 - Making a Flap Bag on the Serger


Deb's expertise has led her to become a Baby Lock Educator. She travels the length and breadth of the USA, sharing her knowledge and skills with sewing enthusiasts in stores. Her classes are not just lessons; they're an invitation to embark on a creative voyage with fabric.

Deb Canham's journey from sewing as a young dreamer to a passionate designer and educator is an inspiring tale. Her dedication to spreading confidence through the art of sewing is a beacon for all who aspire to create with fabric. Join Deb on this exciting creative journey, and let your quilting and serging adventures flourish under her expert guidance.