Meet Monica Peacock of The Quilted Peacock

The Quilted Peacock

In the heart of quilting, a story of passion and triumph unfolds with Monica Peacock, the creative force behind The Quilted Peacock. From a childhood dream of becoming an interior designer, Monica's life took an unexpected turn when she faced a massive stroke in August 2007. Against all odds, Monica defied medical predictions with the support of her loved ones and divine intervention, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey of recovery.


Monica Peacock


Having sewn and crafted since childhood, Monica's life took a pause after the stroke. The sewing machine lay dormant, and fabrics were bid farewell. However, a turning point emerged in 2012 when Monica sought the perfect gift for her father's birthday. What started as a birthday gift transformed into a therapeutic journey, becoming Monica's refuge and creative haven.


Daddy's Quilt

The quilt she made and gave to her father.


Now, over 25 years later, Monica is the proud owner and operator of The Quilted Peacock. Her store, a testament to resilience and unwavering dedication, is a source of inspiration for fellow quilters. Monica's story embodies the transformative power of quilting, not only as an art form but as a source of healing and joy.


Join us in welcoming Monica Peacock and The Quilted Peacock to AQS QuiltWeek in Daytona Beach, Florida, where resilience meets creativity, and every quilt tells a story. Explore Monica's offerings at her booth at AQS QuiltWeek - Daytona Beach, February 21-24, 2024. Click the image below to visit her website.