Meet The Painted Door

Meet The Painted Door

The Painted Door's Barn Quilts Journey

Retirement often marks the beginning of new adventures, and for Deborah Curry, that adventure led her to uncover the charm of barn quilts. After retiring from 30 years of teaching, Deborah took a trip through the Midwest, New England, and the Southern states, where she found her eyes drawn to the captivating sight of old barns adorned with quilts. Little did she know, this fascination would evolve into a passionate pursuit.

Discovering Arkansas Quilt Trails

Back in her hometown, Deborah stumbled upon the Arkansas Quilt Trails initiative. Eager to contribute, she became an Arkansas Quilt Trails coordinator for her local county, fueled by a love for quilts and a desire to share their stories.

From Furniture to Folk Art

Already the owner of a small business, The Painted Door, specializing in refinished furniture and home décor crafted from upcycled vintage finds, Deborah seamlessly integrated barn quilts into her offerings. The addition of barn quilts allowed her customers to weave personal narratives into their chosen designs.

Crafting Stories with Barn Quilts

Deborah's true passion lies in helping customers design barn quilts that tell their unique stories. Whether it's a cherished quilt pattern, a symbol of remembrance, or an expression of patriotism, The Painted Door provides a canvas for personal narratives through the art of barn quilts.

Be sure to stop by The Painted Door's booth at AQS QuiltWeek - Branson and let Deborah Curry guide you in telling your story with your very own barn quilt!