Parchment Paper Leader Tip

Parchment Paper Leader Tip

Try this quick and easy tip from AQS Member Maggie Desmond.

Maggie writes:

I do not know about anyone else but I sew on an older machine. I cannot replace the throat plate when I am sewing things with fine points. I tried every trick I knew and some I got from other people. The slot in my throat plate is just too large for quilting and the corners get chewed up with the needle and stuffed into the throat plate.

I have been using scrap fabric to start and also have been starting in the middle of the piece and sewing out through the points. This makes it hard when you are chain sewing - just cannot do it.

I found some very thin parchment paper and cut or torn it into small rectangles to use at my sewing table. This works like a charm!

Just put a small piece of parchment paper part way under the piece you are going to sew and under the needle. Sew normally.


Since you are using a small piece of parchment paper and it is not under the full piece of fabric, it pulls out very quickly. The points come out perfect and I love my machine again.

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