Part 2 of the 2022 AQS QuiltWeek - Paducah Contest Winners

Part 2


2022 AQS QuiltWeek - Paducah Award Winning Quilts Part 2

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WALL QUILTS: Modern Quilts sponsored by Statler by Gammill  

1st Place:  #909 NEON RADIAL by Audrey Esarey of Louisville, KY

3rd Place:   #923 FOR THE LOVE OF SQUIRCLES by Marla Varner of Sequim, WA

2nd Place: #907 MINI TO MAXI - CHURN DASH by Abigail Sheridan de Graaff of Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Honorable Mention:   #914 ONE IN EVERY FOUR by Carolina Oneto for São Paulo, Brazil

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Hand Quilted sponsored by Martelli Enterprises

1st Place:   #1014  BOUTIS BEAUTÉ by Christine Wickert of Penfield, NY

3rd Place:   #1003  NIRVANA NOUVEAU by Jan Frazer of Victoria, Australia

2nd Place: #1006  FLOWER BASKET by Noriko Kido of Nagano, Japan

Honorable Mention:   #1009  BEING AND TIME by Natalia Lashko of Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine 

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Stationary Machine Quilted sponsored by Koala Studios presented by Calico Country Sew & Vac 

1st Place:   #1134  SACRED by Karen K. Stone of Dallas, TX

3rd Place:   #1104  RULER PLAY by Inger C. Blood of Camino, CA

2nd Place: #1136  CANDIDE'S SPIRIT by Brigitte Villeneuve of Québec, Canada

Honorable Mention:   #1110  TREE TOWN by Karen Eckmeier of Kent, CT  

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Movable Machine Quilted sponsored by Pro-Stitcher

1st Place:   #1208  AZUL MEDALLIONS by Heidi Proffetty of Bridgewater, MA

3rd Place:   #1211  CRYSTAL RADIANCE by Dawn Siden & Joyce Grafe of Somers, MT

2nd Place: #1210  URBAN LIVING by Claudia Scheja of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Honorable Mention:   #1203  RED BIRD by Karen Kay Buckley & Judi Madsen of Carlisle, PA

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Quilter’s Choice sponsored by Janome America; Longarm 

1st Place:  #1301  MIDNIGHT FLIGHT by Joanne Baeth of Bonanza, OR

3rd Place:   #1324  GANESHA by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, TX

2nd Place: #1319  PURE VELVET by Amy Pabst of Le Roy, WV

Honorable Mention:   #1311  QUID PRO QUO by Peter Hayward of Alicante, Spain

SMALL WALL QUILTS: Pictorial sponsored by PFAFF

1st Place:   #1405  STARGAZER SPLENDOR by Andrea Brokenshire of Round Rock, TX

3rd Place:   #1413  GUANACO by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry of Port Townsend, WA

2nd Place: #1434  EAT YOUR VEGGIES by Pauline Salzman of Gulfport, FL

Honorable Mention:   #1415  TRANSITION by Barbara Oliver Hartman of Flower Mound, TX 

SMALL WALL QUILTS: 1st Entry in an AQS Paducah Quilt Contest sponsored by The Applique Society

1st Place:  #1520  I WALKED TOWARD HIM LIKE A MOON PRINCESS by Natalia Lashko of Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

3rd Place:   #1525  IRIS RHAPSODY by Jane Karhu Powers of Shawnee, OK

2nd Place: #1510  ULTRAVIOLET RADIAL by Audrey Esarey of Louisville, KY

Honorable Mention:   #1508  DAY INTO NIGHT by Deb Deaton of Surprise, AZ

MINIATURE QUILTS: Miniature Quilts sponsored by Quilters Select by Alex Anderson and RNK Distributing 

1st Place:   #1604  EMERALD LABYRINTH by Kumiko Frydl of Houston, TX

3rd Place:   #1616  FLOWER CALENDAR by Atsuko Numata of Tokyo, Japan

2nd Place: #1609  BATH BALLOON FESTA by Miyuki Humphries of Tokyo, Japan

Honorable Mention:   #1620  HAPPY EASTER by Aki Sakai of Tokyo, Japan

Honorable Mention:   #1603  WOODLAND MEADOW by Maria Dzreeva of Santa Barbara, CA