Prairie Point Christmas Tree

Prairie Point Christmas Tree

With Christmas upon us, it's time for fun quick holiday projects. Grab a holiday 5" pack and make this adorable Christmas tree.


5" Fabric Squares
Wonder Clips
3.8" x 8.8" Foam Tree Form
Straight Pins

Step One:

Make a cut in the middle (2 1/2") of each 5" fabric square stopping at the center.

On the opposite side, make a cut 1 1/4" in from each side stopping at the center. Trim edge pieces off this side as shown above.

Clip several 5" fabric squares together (four seemed about right) to speed up the cutting process.

This is what the finished piece looks like...


Step Two:

Fold each square diagonally into a triangle as shown above.

Step Three:

Fold each triangle diagonally onto itself one more time to complete each Prairie Point.

Use Wonder Clips to secure. Flip the middle triangle to join the other two in a row. Sew to secure if desired.

Step Four:

Pin the first row of Prairie points along the bottom of the foam cone. Line the valley of the points up with the bottom of the cone. Continue adding Prairie Points around the tree overlapping the sets.

Add a bow to the top and pin in place.