Quilters Giving Quilts

Quilters Giving Quilts

We asked you about the quilts you make to give away. Whether it be for friends, family, or those in need, quilters are most generous! Learn what quilters like you had to say about the quilts they give away.

Who do quilters give quilt to?

According to the 700+ respondents to our Giving Quilts Survey, family members are the #1 recipients of the quilts they make. Here's the breakdown:

#1 - Family

#2 - Friends

#3 - Donation organizations through their local quilt guild

#4 - Quilts of Valor

#5 - Their local church


How many quilts have you made in the last year to give away?

715 quilters answered this question. They made well over 5000 quilts to give away last year.

Of course, that doesn't count the incredible number of masks quilters made last year!


How do quilters make so many quilts?

Nearly 65% of quilters asked, reported that they made the quilts from beginning to end on their own using their own supplies.

The remainder of the quilters split evenly between...

  • Use their materials but share the work with other quilters
  • Collect donated materials and share the work with other quilters
  • Collecting donated materials and making the quilt themselves

The amazing part of this survey was all the write-in responses from quilters sharing the different people they give their quilts to. There were so many responses listing organizations, community outreaches, shelters, elderly programs, and children's programs.

There was one particular response that captures the giving heart of quilters and best be sums it all up. They wrote, "If I hear of someone having a rough time, I make them a quilt and tell them it is a big hug for them every time they put it over them."