Redwork Hearts & Flowers with Joan Shay

Redwork Hearts & Flowers with Joan Shay

Enjoy this charming redwork embroidery project, perfect for a relaxing afternoon of needlework and hot tea.

Fabric Requirements

1 fat quarter – Background
1 fat eighth – Flowers


Download Templates Here

Flower petal A
Flower petal B


(given for the red and white colorway;
adjust according to your colorway)
HeatnBond – 1⁄8 yard
Embroidery floss – Red
Glass beads – Red seed beads
Glue baste – Optional


Background – Cut 1 piece 22″ x 18″ (cut 1)
Flowers – Cut 2 pieces 9″ x 1½”
HeatnBond – Cut 1 piece 9″ x 1½”

Embroidery and Beading

Using the backstitch or stem stitch (your preference), sew along the marked lines using one strand of embroidery floss.

Do not drag the floss from one motif to another because the thread may create a shadow line on the background.

The small lines in the hearts do not need to be knotted after each row. Weave the thread through the previous sewn stitches to travel to the next position.


Bond two pieces of flower petal fabric together using HeatnBond Ultrahold.

Trace and cut four each of flower petal A and B from bonded fabric. Cut on the line; there is no seam allowance.

Attach the petals to the background with three seed beads per flower. Use one strand of red floss.

Heat each flower for one or two seconds and gently curl the petals back over your finger. Hold the shape until it is cool in order to set the shape.

All done!

Use the redwork embroidery to make a small pillow, repeat the pattern to make a stunning tablecloth, or a beautiful quilt block.