Rosemaling in Baltimore

Rosemaling in Baltimore Quilt

Rosemaling is a folk art that originated in Norway as a way to cope with the long, dark winters. During the 1700s through the 1800s, farmhouse décor included functional items painted with the stylized flowers and scrolls of rosemaling. The traditional colors were derived from local raw materials.  AQS happily presents a free and exclusive block of the month quilt, Rosemaling in Baltimore.

The nine-block Norwegian Folk Art style Baltimore Album quilt is an AQS exclusive design by Betsey Langford. Scroll down the blocks, fabric requirements, and detailed fusible appliqué instructions.

Rosemaling in Baltimore Quilt

Rosemaling in Baltimore Quilt

Finished Quilt Size: 70" x 70"

Finished Block Size: 12" x 12"

Fabric Selection:

When selecting fabric, consider the overall scheme of your quilt. The background fabric sets the tone of the quilt and will need to be purchased in quantity. The fabrics for the appliqué can be scraps or coordinated fabrics. Below is our color selection for the first block. We will be adding fabrics of the same color with varying values for future blocks.

Fabric Requirements:


3/4 yard blue
3/4 yard green
1/2 yard light green
1 1/2 yards red
1/4 yard yellow
1/2 yards gold

Block background 1-1/4 yards
Sashing 1-1/2 yards
Outer border 2 yards

Binding 1/2 yard

Backing 4 1/4 yards

If you choose to make the background, sashing, and outer border of the same fabric: 4-3/4 yards

Click here for the appliqué setting block patterns, Rosemaling in Baltimore, Finishing Instructions.

The pattern pieces do not include seam allowances. For any shape that is NOT symmetrical, trace the image from the back of the pattern sheet. Using a light source will make the image visible, even from the back side.

Use your prefered applique technique.

Rosemaling Block 1

Block #1

Download Block One instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 2

Block #2

Download Block Two instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 3

Block #3

Download Block Three instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 4

Block #4

Download Block Four instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 5

Block #5

Download Block Five instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 6

Block #6

Download Block Six instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 7

Block #7

Download Block Seven instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 7

Block #8

Download Block Eight instructions here.


Rosemaling Block 9

Block #9

Download Block Nine instructions here.