Starry Night Embellishment Tutorial

Starry Night Embellishment Tutorial

Take a look at Flora's technique for embellishing the cypress trees in Starry Night featured in her book, Trispective. A great embellishment technique creating texture and adding sparkle to your favorite project.


In this painting the cypress trees seemed to jump right out of the fabric and request festive treatment. I decided to try the following technique with this section: Wind about 15 strands of thick decorative threads in a length that is slightly more than double the area to be covered. Tape the thread ends together, as shown in Figure 10a.

Figure 10a

Fold this entire group of threads in half, and position the looped end at the top of one of the tree positions, as shown in Figure 10b.

Figure 10b

Notice in Figure 10b that a straight pin is holding the looped threads at the top end. Stitch over these threads just enough to hold them firmly in place inside the narrow column. Figure 10c shows samples of two sections after all threads have been positioned and stitched.

Figure 10c

Figure 10d shows a larger (flattened) 6-column section of a completed cypress tree (turned sideways) using this technique.

Figure 10d

Side Notes/Tips:

The threads I used for the cypress tree are:
❖ WonderFil Sizzle 18CY, SM4 (green) [my favorite and the final highlight]
❖ Wonderfil Dazzle Metallic Rayon 2854 (green), 100 (green), 7148 (dark blue), 160 (black), and 9000 (black—3 strands at the same time)
❖ Mettler No. 3 black; Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle 254 and 275 (both green)
❖ YLI Candlelight Metallic Yarn (green)
❖ The top thread for stitching was Isacord 5373 (a deep bluish green)

Learn more great embellishment techniques in Flora's book: Trispective. Click here to purchase the digital edition.