AQS QuiltWeek

Quilt Contest Registration

AQS QuiltWeek – Grand Rapids 2023

Helpful Registration Hints:

To make sure you do not lose your work, be sure to fill in all the required fields (marked with a red asterisk) first and click "NEXT" within 20 minutes so your entry information is saved. You can then go back and fill in all the other information, making sure to hit "NEXT" to save.

You will need the following images and documents for your entry. Please gather these items ahead of time:
  1. Image of yourself
  2. Full image of your quilt
  3. Detail image of your quilt
  4. Group photo if this is a group entry
  5. Copy of the appraisal if your quilt is valued at over $1000
  6. Copy of the design permission if this is not your own original design
  7. You will also need to know the width and length of your quilt, in inches.
  8. We also ask that you provide information about your pattern/source of inspiration. This includes published patterns, artwork, photography, or another quilt for copyright reasons. You will need the following from your design source: name of work, name of creator, contact information, publisher name, and issue number or publication date if your pattern came from a book or magazine.