English Paper Piecing by Machine Course

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English Paper Piecing by Machine by Karen K. Stone

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Karen K. Stone has taken a difficult traditional block and made it easy and fun. The Whig’s Defeat block, a beautiful, graphic pattern with spires and curves may seem too challenging on a first look, but Karen’s innovative method turns the piecing into an enjoyable project with supplies found mostly at the office supply or dollar store!

With just a few pins and some glue, these blocks come together perfectly. Karen’s method of English paper piecing shortens the process while still making the pieces fit snugly. Then, Karen demonstrates how to connect the pieces on a home sewing machine so everything is held together invisibly.

By learning to make only two lovely blocks, you can create your own traditional Whig’s Defeat quilt in a way that is anything but traditional!

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Karen began quilting in 1986, teaching in 1990, and published her first designs in 1993. An accomplished pianist, Karen has applied her attention to detail to her quiltmaking which has resulted in winning competitions and being a featured artist in exhibitions. Her quilts have been found on magazine covers and in catalogs. Karen is particularly motivated by innovation and tradition in her approach to quilting and is also well known as a colorist. Her quilts are masterpieces of color and beauty and Karen is happy to encourage students to experience the joy found in quilting as she teaches extensively. Her experience, patience, and wit make her a sought-after educator in the quilting industry.

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English Paper Piecing by Machine Course - 1hr 59min

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