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LUPINE LOVE by Suzanne Timmer
Wolf Abstractions pattern by Violet Craft

EDENIC by Monica Johnstone

PURPLE HAZE by Kris Lurtz

West Michigan Quilters' Guild: Talent On Display

From traditional to art quilts, the West Michigan Quilters Guild shares the talent of it members in this special quilt exhibit. See winners from the Guild, including the coveted Viewer’s Choice Award, and quilts that have been displayed in art and museum exhibits.

By Heather Hopcraft

The Diana Cherrywood Challenge

The challenge was to take inspiration from Diana, Princess of Wales, to create a unique quilt using a limited color palette: pink and white.

Quilters were encouraged to push themselves creatively, think outside the box, and create new fiber art. The contest was open to anyone and everyone.

All the quilts are the same color, fabric, size and theme, making the exhibit very cohesive and striking. Cherrywood fabrics in the official challenge bundle had to be used; accent colors were allowed. Quilt size is 20” x 20”. Any techniques or embellishments could be used.

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COLOR MY WHEEL by Barbara Harrell

New Quilts From an Old Favorite: Wheel of Fortune, The National Quilt Museum

The New Quilts from an Old Favorite contest and exhibition was created by The National Quilt Museum to pay tribute to our quiltmaking heritage, while celebrating the innovation, creativty, and excellence of today’s quilter. This contest and exhibition challenges quilt artists to interpet a single traditional quilt block in a work of their original design.

The contest requires all quilt entries to be recognizable in some way as a variation on 2020 selected traditional block, Wheel of Fortune. The quilts must be no larger than 80” and no smaller than 50” on a side, plus each entry must be quilted and submitted by the artist(s).

ISOLATION by Tina Sommer Paaske

SAQA: Wide Horizons VII

The expression ‘Wide Horizons’ often evokes feelings of openness, exploration, experimentation, new work, new themes, new stories. But the words can also be interpreted as in-depth analysis of favorite subjects, seeing familiar things in a new light, pushing the boundaries of what we already do. Whatever the approach chosen, creativity rather than mere technical skill, and commitment to the art form, should be foremost. Artists were encouraged to submit work likely to spark a conversation on some aspect of the theme. Quilters from ten European countries made the quilts in this exhibit.

The Ties That Bind, curated by Wendy Brackman

In Fall of 2017, Wendy Brackman, an artist and quilter based in Arkville, NY, learned that the Pine Hill Community Center had received a large donation of silk men’s ties. Inspired by the variety of color and beautiful patterns, Wendy started a community project to keep hands busy during the long winter months in the Catskill Mountains. During the long winter of 2018, a dozen dedicated quilters washed, opened, and ironed hundreds of men’s ties for the purpose of cutting out hexagon shapes to create these mosaic story sculptures.

The Catskilled Crafters are: Wendy Brackman, Blythe Carey, Gail Freund, Karen Goertzel, Barbara Hagstrom, Hedi Kyle, Gail Lennstrom, Teddy Slater Margulies, Pamela Martin, Barbara Redfield, Berns Rothchild, Sharon Suess, and Ros Welchman.