Browning, Bonnie
Bonnie Browning has quilted since the late 1970s, and during that time she has taught and judged across the U.S. and around the world. Her travels have taken her to Australia, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, and most recently, Keqiao, China. Bonnie is a certified quilt judge and a certified Zentangle® teacher, and she has authored thirteen books on quilting, including the award-winning Zentangle Art to Go, which was published by AQS in 2016. Bonnie enjoys sharing good, basic quiltmaking techniques so that the quilts that are being made today will last for generations to come. Bonnie has been the Executive Show Director for AQS for the past 20 years, playing a vital role in bringing QuiltWeek to enthusiastic quilters across the country.

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