Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns ebook

  • Compiled by Barbara Brackman
  • Organized collection of quilt blocks from the 1830's to the 1970's
  • Includes illustrations, names, and original published sources for over 4000 pieced quilt blocks.
  • Look up blocks by name or design
  • Essential reference guide for today's quilter

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This quilt block identification book places at your fingertips illustrations and sources for over 4,000 quilt blocks . It is user-friendly and is great for identifying patterns in quilts and for furnishing inspiring possibilities for quiltmakers.

Patterns are classified and grouped into categories on the basis of the basic unit of design and the way it is repeated (its repeat). These visual categories are usually defined by seam lines that organize designs into types.

About the Author

Barbara Brackman specializes in writing about American quilts. She has been a board member of the American Quilt Study Groups and the Kansas Quilt Project, and has served as consultant to numerous state quilt projects, assisting with pattern identification and quilt dating. 

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Format Digital
Number of Pages 551
Author Barbara Brackman
ISBN 978-1-60460-502-0
Subject Quilt Designs, Reference
Publisher American Quilter's Society
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