AQS QuiltWeek - Des Moines Contest Award Winners

2022 AQS QuiltWeek - Grand Rapids Contest Quilts

Best of Show Award

ABCDVINE by Janet Stone of Overland Park, KS


Best Wall Quilt Award

ORANGE CRUSHED IT by  Andrea Brokenshire of Round Rock, TX


Best Hand Workmanship Award

RONDO by Sachiko Chiba of Iwate, Japan


Best Stationary Machine Workmanship Award

SUMMER FUN by Marina Landi of São Paulo, Brazil


Best Movable Machine Workmanship Award

SPANGLED by Gail Stepanek & Jan Hutchison of New Lenox, IL


Best Original Design Award

HARLEQUINADE by Beckey Prior, Henderson, TX


Best Traditional Design Award

LOVE ENTWINED by Dawn Fox Cooper of British Columbia, Canada


Viewers' Choice Award


Large Quilts – Stationary Machine Quilted

First Place: ALL DRESSED UP WITH NOWHERE TO GO by Katherine Jones of Tasmania, Australia

Second Place: JOYFUL JAPAN by Pat Holly of Ann Arbor, MI

Third Place: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by Mary Bauer of Crestwood, KY

Honorable Mention:  STORM RIDER by Janneke de Vries-Bodzinga of Friesland, Netherlands

Large Quilts – Movable Machine Quilted

First Place: BELLADONIC HAZE by Margaret Solomon Gunn of Gorham, ME

Second Place: SHERBET ON A CLOUDY DAY by Dee Legvold, Apple Valley, MN

Third Place: CARNIVAL by Beth Nufer & Clem Buzick of Brookings, OR

Honorable Mention:  ANIKA by Mary Olson of Aumsville, OR

Hand Quilted Quilts

First Place: BERRY BLUE by, Linda Roy of Knoxville, TN

Second Place: TRAIN TO NOWHERE by Cheryl See of Dayton, VA

Third Place: ON THE SILK ROAD by Barbara Korengold of Chevy Chase, MD

Honorable Mention: MY SECRET GARDEN by Naomi Otomo of Saitama, Japan

Wall Quilts – Stationary Machine Quilted

First Place: VIGILANCE by Debra Crine of Marco Island, FL

Second Place: FIRE ON MY MIND by Melinda Bula of Bakersfield, CA

Third Place: MISSOURI BARN by LeAnn Hileman of Glendale, AZ

Honorable Mention: BEE YOURSELF by Simone Steuxner of Haerjedalen, Sweden

Wall Quilts – Movable Machine Quilted

First Place: HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY by Margaret Solomon Gunn of Gorham, ME

Second Place: THE LONG GOODBYE by Lea McComas of Golden, CO

Third Place: IT COULD BE WORSE by Robyn Gragg of Lone Jack, MO

Honorable Mention: LAVA by Katherine Jones of Tasmania, Australia

Wall Quilts – Fiber Art

First Place: DOCTOR by Li Hui Yin of Taipei, Taiwan

Second Place: HOPE by Jean Wachs of Hendersonville, NC

Third Place: I SEE YOU by Jan Berg-Rezmer of Gladwin, MI

Honorable Mention: LIFE OF THE HIGH DESERT by Patricia Cantu of Columbia, MO

Wall Quilts – 1st Entry in an AQS Des Moines Quilt Contest

First Place: CREATING MAGIC by Sue de Vanny of Victoria, Australia

Second Place: EUCLID’S THIRD AXIOM by Barb Sorensen of Sammamish, WA

Third Place: AFFAIRS OF THE HEART by Laura Lamphear & Sue Whitaker of Newark, DE

Honorable Mention: FISHTOWN HARBOR by Barbara Matzke of Brentwood, CA