AQS Worldwide Quilt Parade

Welcome to the AQS Worldwide Quilt Parade!

We invite you to enjoy quilts submitted from all over the world.

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Daily Parade of Quilts Schedule

  •  Day One - Alabama, Alaska, Argentina, Arizona, Arkansas
  • Day Two - Australia, Belgium, Brazil, California
  • Day Three - Canada, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware
  • Day Four - Florida
  • Day Five - France, Georgia, Germany, Idaho
  • Day Six - Illinois, India, Indiana
  • Day Seven - Iowa, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kansas, Kentucky, Kenya
  • Day Eight - Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mexico
  • Day Nine - Michigan, Minnesota
  • Day Ten - Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Netherlands
  • Day Eleven - Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New Zealand
  • Day Twelve - North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon
  • Day Thirteen - Pennsylvania, Portugal, Rhode Island, Romania, South Africa, South Carolina
  • Day Fourteen - South Dakota, South Korea, Spain, Tanzania, Tennessee
  • Day Fifteen - Texas, United Kingdom, Utah, Vermont
  • Day Sixteen - Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin