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Hanging Sleeve Instructions

AQS has the leading hardware for hanging quilts at our shows, which may be different than what some contestants have used in the past. This new system requires some give in the sleeve on the quilt so the rod can slip over the hanging hook properly.

Step-by-steps instructions for adding a new sleeve:

1. Cut the sleeve 8½” wide x the exact width of your quilt. Fold the ends in twice (¼” and ¼” again) to finish each end of the sleeve. Stitch using a scant ¼” seam allowance.

Press the long sides of the sleeve so they meet in the center.

It helps to fold the sleeve in half lengthwise first and press to create a center crease.

When you press the sides to the center, you’ll press those creases out – they just give an easy guide without measuring or marking.

2. Fold right sides together and stitch a ¼” seam on the long edge of the sleeve.

Turn the sleeve right side out.

3. You may need to repress the fold lines – you’ll need those for attaching the sleeve to your quilt.

This is the step that provides the give needed in the sleeve.

4. Center the sleeve across the width of your quilt.

The edge of the sleeve should lie just inside your binding on each side of the quilt.


Using the fold, pin your sleeve in place ½” to ¾” from the top outside edge on the back of the quilt.

This spacing is needed so the sleeve will not show after it is hung.

5. Pin the top of the sleeve along the fold and blindstitch in place.

Use the opposite fold line to pin the bottom edge of the sleeve in place; blindstitch to the quilt.

The sleeve will fit flat against the quilt from fold line to fold line; the rest of the sleeve will cup out, giving enough play in the fabric to fit into the hanging device without damaging the sleeve.

6. This photo shows how the quilt will attach to the hanging device.

Notice how the hook of the hanger pushes the sleeve inward – that’s why we need some play in the sleeve.

Adapting a sleeve already sewn to your quilt

1. If your sleeve is already sewn to your quilt and is positioned at least 1/2″ from the top outside edge on the back of the quilt, you can simply remove the stitching on the bottom edge of the sleeve, fold it up ½” from the stitching line, and resew that edge to the quilt.

2. If your sleeve is not positioned at least ½” from the outside edge of the quilt, you will need to remove the sleeve and reposition it, following the step-by-step instructions for applying a new sleeve as shown above.

Miniature Quilts

Miniature quilts are pinned in cases and do not need to have a sleeve applied to the back of the quilt.

Watch this video as Bonnie Browning shows applying a sleeve step-by-step.