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Frequently Asked Registration Questions

Registration Answers

When are advance priority registration emails for AQS members sent?

Advance registration emails will be sent to AQS members two weeks before general public registration begins. If you do not receive your email, contact AQS show staff by calling 270-898-7903 or emailing

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How do I register for an AQS QuiltWeek event?

To register, you can contact AQS show staff by calling 270-898-7903, email, or Click Here.

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How do I modify my registration?

To make any changes to your registration, Click Here. You can contact AQS show staff by calling 270-898-7903, or email

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How do I exchange a class?

The registration system will not allow you to exchange items. You must call the AQS office and ask to speak to the show department to exchange a class.

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When does registration open?

Registration opens for AQS QuiltWeek registration approximately three months before the event. AQS members will receive a two-week advance registration period before opening to the general public.

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Do I have to renew my membership while registering?

You do not have to renew your AQS membership while registering. However, your AQS membership must be current in order for you to receive your membership discounts.

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Where do I put my membership number when I enter online? I don’t see a line for it.

This site runs your name and email through the membership database. If your membership is current, you automatically receive member pricing. Please note that your name and email must match exactly as it is listed in the membership database. (You can check your membership name and email here.)

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Can I add a friend to my registration?

Yes! You can purchase admission and workshops for a friend through your registration by with the “Add a guest” option. This can be completed in the first initial registration or by modifying your registration.

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What should I do if I am charged the nonmember price for admission, workshops, lectures, or special events?

If you are an AQS member and are charged nonmember prices when registering, contact AQS show staff by calling 270-898-7903 or emailing

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Will I receive my confirmation and tickets in the mail?

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a show specific Confirmation/Name Badge/Agenda email which will allow you to print your actual Name Badge and Agenda. Your Name Badge serves as your admission ticket for the show and any classes or events you registered for. Name badges can be printed at the show for a $5.00 fee.

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Why can’t I print my name badge?

Name badges come in the form of an Adobe® PDF. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download it from Here.

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Where do I find the supply list for a specific class?

To find supply lists for a specific AQS QuiltWeek event, Click Here.

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What are Basic Sewing Supplies?

For classes that list Basic Sewing Supplies please bring the following items:

  • Fabric marker (both light and dark)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Needles
  • Notebook
  • Paper bag for trash
  • Paper scissors
  • Pen and pencil
  • Seam ripper
  • Straight pins
  • Thimble
  • Thread to match fabrics

Sewing Machines and Irons: Sewing machines and irons will be provided for every student in classes where sewing machines and irons are required. Please do not bring your own equipment unless specified. For classes that list Kit Fees: All kit fees are paid directly to the class instructor. Contents of kits and prices are listed under each workshop supply list.

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Are sewing machines, rotary cutters, mats, and irons provided in classrooms or do I need to bring my own?

Sewing machine companies have kindly provided machines for all classes requiring machine work. This includes home machines and longarms. Educators will provide a brief tutorial at the beginning of each class and will be available in these classrooms. Personal machines are not allowed in classes.

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How will I know if I am accepted off of a waitlist for a class?

When a class is sold out, the wait list is offered. If you are accepted off a wait list for a class, you will be contacted by AQS show staff by the Friday before the event is scheduled to begin. Wait-listed attendees are in the order they register.

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Can I bring wheeled carts, strollers into the show?

For the safety of all attendees, pull-behind and push wheeled carts and bags are not allowed on the show floor. Strollers and wheelchairs with occupants in them are allowed. Medically-indicated walkers are allowed on the floor.

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What are the classroom guidelines for AQS QuiltWeek?

For the most creative and productive QuiltWeek experience, AQS provides the following guidelines for our classrooms.

  • Present your online registration name badge or receipt from the AQS Information Center to the instructor upon request for entry. Name badges can be printed at home from the Name Badge/Agenda/Confirmation Email sent after registering online.
  • Please turn all cellular or other devices to silent or vibrate as necessary to avoid becoming a distraction.
  • Please do not wear excessive perfume.
  • Dress in layers due to differentiating temperatures within classrooms.
  • Be on time. If you are late, please try to catch up quietly and do not expect the instructor to start over.
  • Be prepared for class and bring all necessary items required on the supply list. Supply lists, if applicable, are located within the description of each class. Please do not expect to borrow items. Not only is it a distraction in class, there may not be extra items available.
  • Do not expect a teacher to take time from the class to teach you something different. Review definition of skill levels before choosing a class.
  • Do not take photographs or tape the class without consent.
  • Handouts and other materials provided by the instructor are copyrighted. Please check with the instructor before sharing the workshop in any format with others.
  • Kit, Handout, or Optional Kit fees are payable in class to the instructor. Please be prepared with cash or check, as not all instructors are equipped to process credit cards.

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How does AQS define class skill levels?

All Levels – Any student with basic sewing skills, rotary cutting skills, and quilting skills.
Beginner Level – The student acknowledges basic sewing skills, with some rotary cutting skills, and a working knowledge of a sewing machine. He/She is able to sew simple pieced and appliquéd designs.
Intermediate Level – The student not only acknowledges the basics of sewing and rotary cutting, but has experience using them in completed projects. He/She has been sewing for several years and has taken several classes.
Advanced Level – A skilled quilter/artist that wants a challenge from an experienced instructor. He/She is designing their own blocks and patterns. Combines designs from various sources.

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